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About Corazón

Trauma Informed Care

Corazon Behavioral Health Services is a trauma-informed care organization. Due to the very high rates of trauma among people with behavioral health issues, we will take universal precautions and assume that everyone may have experienced trauma. This includes people we serve, all staff, and anyone else we encounter while conducting business. Since trauma affects people in a variety of ways, we will always consider trauma as the context for people’s physical health, behaviors, coping, and decision-making.


Corazon employees believe services grounded in safe relationships are a vehicle for healing. Therefore, it is our intention to:

  • Consider how our behavior, attitudes and emotions affect the people around us.

  • Practice in a culturally competent and person-centered way by focusing on choice and empowerment as a key goal for all service recipients.

  • Screen and assess for trauma among all service recipients in an invitational manner, allowing for people to decline answering, preserving confidentiality and disclosing limits of confidentiality.

  • Create an environment that feels physically and emotionally safe and welcoming for everyone.

  • Promote and respect individuals’ choice and control to the best of our ability.

  • Recognize, respect and build upon individuals’ strengths, abilities, and potentials.

  • We acknowledge every individual’s responsibility for self-care and support self-care by providing opportunities and resources.


Person and Family Centered Care

Corazon Behavioral Health Services takes a strengths-based approach to service provision and recognizes that all people are striving to be the best version of themselves that they can be. We also recognize that the motivation to reach this potential and to change behaviors comes from within the person but also from that person's environment (including the people who are involved in the person's life). For this reason, Corazon does believe that engaging a person's family (however this term is defined by the person) and natural supports is necessary to maximize the healing process. We welcome and encourage the involvement of a person's family and supports in our services so that we can get a holistic view of the person and work together to solve any problems or issues.

Accepted Insurance and Payment Information  

Corazon Behavioral Health Services accepts the following insurance plans (which include all AHCCCS plans):


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